Sunday 3/26. Mountview HS games are canceled !!!!!


Summer League payments are due on 3/31/23. No Exceptions!

Ground Rules for Phoenix Christian Baseball Field 


PARKING: Parking available on the east side of the campus, off of 16th Ave. behind the left field fence Gates open 1:00 for a 2:00 game.  Do not jump the fence! 


STEEL CLEATS: Please do not walk on the track with steel cleats - matt's will be provided close to the field to cross the track Please do not clean your cleats inside the dugouts or the bathrooms. 


WARMUP: No pre-game infield or throwing along the 1st and 3rd base lines in front of the dugouts. Please do all throwing and fielding drills in left or right field NO HITTING OR THROWING AGAINST THE BACKSTOP OR FENCES!!! 


No smoking or drinking alcohol on campus.


CHILDREN: Please keep your children from playing in the dirt piles, climbing on fences or netting, and wandering throughout the campus.  Failure to properly supervise your children may result in the cancellation of games played at Phoenix Christian. 


ANNOUNCERS BOOTH: Absolutely n-one is allowed in the Announcers booth behind home plate It is a safety and liability issue! 


RV’s: Please be sensitive and courteous to the RV people staying on the campus. 


GENERAL: In general, please be respectful to the property, the campus, and to the baseball field. 


Field Notes:

Salt River Parking.  If playing on D-Backs side - park in the Desert Lot 

 For the Rockies side - park at home plate of the stadium off Pima Rd.    Same as last year!!!   Covered Batting tunnels on both sides are "OFF LIMITS" !!!!!  Some fields may have a piece of AstroTurf in front of mounds which can be removed and put in dugout prior to game.  NO CHEW OR SUNFLOWER SEEDS IN ANY FACILITY, SPIT IN DUGOUT OR FIELD PER MLB/COVID PROTOCOL.  Use a cup and throw in trash.


*****NO TAILGATING/ALCOHOL at any facility before/after games!!!!!   ANYONE/TEAM  caught will be suspended for the year and will be banned. NO TOLERANCE *****

Payment Notes:

Backyards on Via Ventura offers 10% off all AZMSBL Bar/Food TABS!!

Please use (Zelle - jobrien628@gmail.com), or send Checks (no Paypal).

Mail Checks C/O Ed Klemm, 2745 E. Aldine Street, Phoenix, AZ 85032