Congratulations 2021 Playoff Champions

18 National - Biiip Bees

18 Central - Scorpians

35 National - Diamond Kings

45 National - Giants

45 Central - Mudcats

60 National - 60 Pirates

        Congratulations 2021 Division Champions

18 National - Biiip Bees

18 Central - Bulldogs

35 National - San Tan Brewers

45 National - Giants

45 Central - 45 Cubs

60 National - Red Sox -Wayne


**Rule 13.6  E.  has been amended to  7 games due to 19 game schedule!

Salt River Parking.  If playing on D-Backs side - park in the center field lot and enter the fields through the maintenance area on the right when you first come down the driveway. The gates between fields 4 and 5 will be the ones open for entry. For the Rockies side - park at home plate of the stadium off Pima Rd.    Same as last year!!!   Covered Batting tunnels on both sides are OFF LIMITS !!!!!  Some fields may have a piece of AstroTurf in front of mounds which can be removed and put in dugout prior to game.  NO CHEW OR SUNFLOWER SEEDS IN ANY FACILITY SPIT IN DUGOUT OR FIELD PER MLB/COVID PROTOCOL.  Use a cup and throw in trash.

No Tailgating/Alcohol  in any facility before/after games!!!!!  No Tolerance.. ANYONE/TEAM  caught will be suspended for the year and will be banned. 

                                    ***** NO DOGS ALLOWED IN ANY FACILITY *****

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